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Welcome to the For Rent by Owner.

Status Types

The my +plus leads For Rent by Owner Service buckets FRBO properties into three different categories. After discovering an advertisement, the system looks at various markers and tries to determine if the listing is a traditional For Rent by Owner (FRBO), For Rent by Owner with help from a real estate agent (For Rent by Owner w/agent), and For Rent by Owner with a property management company (For Rent by Owner w/ service).

  • FRBO - believed to be owned, marketed, and managed by an individual.
  • FRBO w/agent - the listing is currently being marketed with the help of a real estate agent in-order to get the property rented.
  • FRBO w/service - the property is being marketed and managed by a Property Management Service and is most likely owned by a investment company.

Defining Your Default Coverage

You can define your geographic area, status, and DNC status within your Default Coverage. This allows you to target specific listing types and zip codes. For instance, if you only want to market to FRBO that are not using real estate agents or property management companies, you can set the status to only "FRBO".  For a full tutorial on defining your geographic coverage area click here -

 Changes to the geographic area will also be reflected in your For Sale by Owner and Expired Data Services.

Enhancing a Listing in Real-Time

As you initially view the data, it will present you with only the property address and contact information provided in the advertisement. From the Summary / Grid View, click on "View" under the Full Report column. Entering the Full Report initiates the real-time enhancement process. my +plus leads will add the owner information from the tax rolls, contact information including mobile, landline, and email, and other key details including assessed value, sold date, and sold amount when available.

By default all accounts are provided 50 enhancements per month. Additional credits my be purchased through the Billing tab.