Using Contact +plus, you can upload any .CSV file into the portal and start a dial session. The only required field is the 10 digit phone number. The system can also map names, addresses, additional phones and emails, along with custom fields for display inside of the portal and dialer.

Additionally, you can upload a list containing property addresses for appending contact information through the Contact +plus service.

Create a Mapping

Whether your leads come from a lead provider, a CRM, Email program, or any third party software, you can create a Custom Map which automatically places the proper Name, Address, and Phone Numbers into the +plus Lead system. After completing the initial mapping process, simply select upload future files and select the proper Mapping from the drop-down and your file will be augmented within minutes.

Other additional columns in the original file will be preserved, allowing you to view fields such as "Price", "APN", or "Beds/Baths" along with the address and augmented contact details after the files are processed.

Adding a new file type

  • Click on Contact +plus -> Custom Mappings
  • Click ADD Mapping
  • Give the mapping a unique name
  • Determine whether the first row of the file is a Header row
  • BROWSE to the desired file on your computer
  • Additional
    • Enable Augmentation - address is available in the file and you want the Contact +plus service to enhance the records with possible owner information.
    • Dial Only - files upload using this mapping already contain a phone number and will not require additional information to be augmented.

Mapping columns

  • Select the newly created record from the Mapping List
  • Click "Add Item"
  • Match the "To" field with the corresponding column in the original file
    • Note: If the original file did not have headers, you will map to the corresponding column number
    • For your assistance, sample data from the first row of data is displayed to ensure proper mapping.
  • Continue to map all available items (First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip)

Mapping addresses which are split into multiple columns

Exported files from certain vendors will split the street address into multiple columns. For instance the header file could look like:

Street #Street NameStreet Suffix
123West MainStreet

To Map the data for these particular providers you will need to concatenate the Street Number, Street Name, and Street Suffix.

  • Click "Add Item"
  • Choose "Concat Address" from the "To" drop-down
  • Select the "Street Number" column in the first "From" drop-down
  • Add each additional address part in the following "From" drop-downs (Street Name, Street Suffix, Direction, and/or Unit)
  • Click "Save"

This can also be used to concat files where the bathroom is split into two columns for the Full and Half Baths.

Uploading a New List

The Arch system will accept any file in a .CSV format. Before trying to upload a file you should either map the headers or columns, allowing the proper mapping to be assigned before processing. The only required mappings are the phone number to create a Dial Only list. If you want to append contact information, the address and zip code are requried.
  • Click on "Upload"
  • Give your file a unique "Name"
  • Browse to the file on your local drive
  • Determine if there is a Header row, by selecting the checkbox
  • Choose the proper "Mapping" which matches the files preset data type
  • Choose "Augment Owner Contact Information" - select this option if you wish to enhance the records with owner and contact information
  • Choose the Match Level/Cascade
  • The "Process Blacklist" option, will skip augmentation of records that we deem to be unlikely prospects for Real Estate Listings
  • Check "Previous Lists For Duplicates" - if checked the system will skip records which exist in previous lists. If left unchecked, the system will process the list as uploaded and append all records. You will be deducted a credit if the record exists in previous list and a match is made. 
  • Click "Upload"

Once the file is uploaded, you will receive confirmation of the number of records which will be processed on-screen and via email. Your list is then place in queue and you will be notified with a separate email when you records are ready to be viewed and/or downloaded. You can click on "Lists" to view the current progress of your file