When creating a new dial session, you can set the outboud Caller ID which will be displayed on the customer's phone. It does not need to be the phone number that you are placing the calls from. However, it does need to be a number that you own, is active, and is answered during standard business hours.

You are allowed to have multiple numbers on your account. These numbers do need to be verified before they can be used. 

Verifying Your Caller ID

  • Login to the system at https://portal.archagent.com
  • Click on PowerDialer -> Settings
  • From the Dialer settings Choose Caller ID
  • Click Add Number
  • Enter the ten digit phone number and click Verify
  • The system will now call you and ask for the PIN. Enter the numeric PIN number displayed and you will receive confirmation.

Once your number is confirmed it will be made available for use in the Session Configuration.