ArchAgent's Trust Phone rotation allows you to add multiple lines to your Caller ID to ensure that your agent has a valid phone number displayed on each out going call.  You can assign five separate numbers to your Caller ID pool along with any numbers that you currently own. 

The ArchAgent Dialer will automatically assign an outgoing number from your verified pool during dialing and forward any incoming calls to the proper number setup within your configuration.

Add Forwarding Number

While in session the ArchAgent Dialer will select a number from your Trust Phone pool and display as the outgoing number. If a client is unavailable and calls back later, then call will automatically be forwarded to Forwarding Number on file.

  • Navigate to `User Caller IDs`

  • Enter 10 digit forwarding phone number
  • Click `ADD`

Adding Numbers to Trust Call

 There are two types of numbers that can be assigned to an account "System" and "Own".

System- Are numbers assigned to you by the ArchAgent Dialer. Numbers are purchased in blocks of 5 and each number can be assigned by Area Code (based upon pool availability).

Own - You can also add any number that you control to the rotation system. This includes mobile, office, or VOIP numbers.

To add numbers to your dialer from the available pool:

  • Select `System`
  • Choose `ADD NUMBER`

  • Select an `Area Code` for your number
  • Choose how many numbers from your current allotment to assign to the area code
  • Click `SUBMIT`
  • NOTE: You can split your Trust Phone numbers between different area codes by assigning only a portion of your allotment to a particular zip code.