Recommendations by ArchAGent is the blending of machine learning, regression models, and real estate best practices. Used together, a new dynamic list of the best prospects are automatically generated daily. No longer struggle trying to determine where the next contact or next action step lies.

What are the requirements to receiving Recommendations?

In order to make solid Recommendations, the system requires multiple data points. Currently, any account with Premium Neighborhood (Real-time or Batch) and any two data services (Expired, FSBO, FRBO, Preforeclosure).

Already have service, but are not seeing Recommendations? Open a support ticket and request to have it added today.

What are the models involved?

  • Likely to List (Sale Score) - the likelihood that a property will list for sale within the next nine months
  • Likely to Lead - based upon feedback loops, the likelihood a property converts to a lead
  • Likely to Contact - based upon feedback loops, the likelihood a property owner responds to contact

What metrics are used to determine the best practices and frequency?

Our in-house data science team has been inserted into feedback loops. Using the data from these sources, they have run sophisticated machine learning and regression models to understand when each property type is most likely to respond to contact, become a lead, and convert to a listing. 

Using the various data points the system automatically generates the right listing at the right time to provide the maximum lift to your prospecting efforts.

How do I access Recomendations?

You will see Recommendations available on your Dashboard -